My Story!

the ceo of audacity cosmetics


My name is Monica Silva, I'm 19, and I am the Chief Executive Officer of Audacity Cosmetics LLC.

Audacity Cosmetics is a Latina Owned Business established in 2019.

I knew that I wanted to be my own boss when I was very young. I was jumping back and forth between business ideas in high school because having my own income by doing the things that make me happy was my initial goal. By the time I turned 16 I was scrolling through Youtube and came across Entrepreneur Videos and in an instance, I became attached to the idea that I wanted to start a Lipgloss Line. While taking Marketing Courses in high school for two years, I used the knowledge I developed there into my business. 

After planning out my brand, my support system wasn't to big at first. My family was very set on the idea of me graduating high school, finding a good paying job, and taking on life from there. When they saw how much I was investing into Audacity Cosmetics at the age of 16-17 they were worried. But soon after blowing up on TikTok and growing a supportive audience, and officially launching my brand. I quit my job!

I use to work 6-8 hour shifts almost everyday after school to earn the money I needed for my business, and a year later proved to myself and my family I was capable of making an income with a job that makes me happy everyday, and inspiring others!


How did I come up with Audacity Cosmetics? Well, I knew I didn't want to be a regular beauty business that promotes products that will end up telling you "buy this because it looks cute". I wanted my business to showcase purpose and meaning too! & sells products people may to relate too. Every Audacity Product has a meaning behind it.


Audacity means the willingness to take bold risks and that's what my brand stand for. Being able to push the expectations others have on you aside, to just be yourself, and do the things you want to do for yourself. Thats where be you do you for you comes from! An Audacious You! 

Motivating and Inspiring others are things I can do through my business. I also use my platforms to motivate, support other small businesses, and teach others how they can start their own company as well!

I post on Youtube to document my journey so if you would like to check that out, my channel name is Audacity Cosmetics!

Thank you for reading!

Be You. Do You. For You.

- Monica Silva