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Devotion Pallete

$18.00 Regular Price
$15.30Sale Price
  • The Devotion Pallete (Valentine’s Day Special) 💕


    AUDACITY X VENUS Limited Stock (Limited Edition) - Who said Valentine’s Day was only for the lovers? 😌😍


    9 Beautiful Shades Made Just for You! Highly Pigmented!


    Does it Stain?


    “I have not personally experienced staining whenusing the beautiful devotion palette. I use Miceller Cleansing Water to remove my eye makeup!”


    - Monica Silva.


    Whatever Position you are in this Valentine’s Day, know you are loved, you are valuable, beautiful, magnificent, and strong!


    (In Collaboration with Venus Beauty Shop!)


    Fun Facts about the Devotion Pallete:


    - The Cover: Playing ‘The Romantic’ is Monica (CEO Audacity Cosmetics LLC) on the left & Playing ‘The Heartbreaker’ is Mina (CEO of Venus Beauty Shop) on the right!


    -This is a collaborative product that’s been in planning since December! We worked really hard to bring our vision to life! We hope you enjoy it!


    -This pallete is available on both of our shops! We have a very limited stock!


    -You receive a FREE Devotion Card with your Order of The Devotion Pallete!