These manufacturers are verified by Audacity Cosmetics LLC. Audacity has either been worked, collaborated, partnered with these manufacturers! All suppliers here are vegan & cruelty free!


This list is valid for people who live inside/outside the united states.


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    Manufacturers for your Cosmetics Line!

    • -eyeshadow palettes

      -lipgloss tubes

      -beauty blenders

      -lipstick tubes

      -lipscrub containers

      -custom glass and plastic containers

      -matte liquid lipsticks

      -lash applicators

      -mascara tubes

      -lipbalm tubes


      -lash accessories: glue, applicators, etc

      -foaming bottles

      -spray bottles

      -perfume bottles

      -roll on bottles

      -dropper bottles

      -lotion bottles

      -kids lipgloss containers