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As a young entrepreneur, my mission has always been to inspire others since I was a kid. I formulated my products to help bring back the hydration to our lovely lips so they can stay cute and luscious! Especially for those who have dry, and sensitive skin like me! But Audacity Cosmetics LLC is more than a cosmetics line! A.C's mission is to remind people about self-love, the beauty of being a baddie, and help motivate people into using vegan & cruelty free products that help rejuvenate & moisturize those lips! Also, I love to educate people who are looking to start a small business too! I love teaching the small business community about Marketing, Entrepreneurship, Cosmetology, how legalizing a business works and so much more through my business start-ups, YouTube, webinars, and ebook!

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Monica Silva

AKA Miss Audacity.