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Audacity Cosmetics Policies

Returns Policy

All Sales are Final! (applies to physical and digital products) | Audacity Cosmetics LLC does not accept order returns or exchanges after products were shipped. | Audacity Cosmetics LLC does not accept order cancellations after a tangible order has been shipped. Everyone's order is packaged in the same order the orders were placed!

Refund Policy 

Purchases with Audacity Cosmetics LLC are non-refundable. (EX: Tracking Numbers with a 'delivered' or 'returned to sender' status are non-refundable)

Refunds exclude shipping fees! Shipping Fee's are Non-Refundable, Audacity Cosmetics LLC is not responsible for any lost/damaged packages that were poorly handled by a mailer.

Refunds may be requested before an order ships. (Refund requests are only accepted with in processing days of the order.)

Refunds may be requested the day of the order's arrival or 1 -2 days after the delivery date if the package has been severely damaged. 

If an order was returned to Audacity Cosmetics due to an insufficient address, the Customer may request a refund, the order must be in the possession of Audacity Cosmetics for a partial refund to be issued! (Use of Packaging Material and Shipping Service will be deducted from the subtotal.)

If the buyers credit/debit card was a stolen card, before purchase, it is expected that the issue be brought to Audacity Cosmetic's attention by the card owner immediately. Audacity Cosmetics will cancel the order, and issue a refund. However, if there's evidence that the card owner has received their items, a refund/ order cancellation may not be issued.

Audacity Cosmetics LLC does not give full refunds, only partial refunds. 

Lost/Damaged/Stolen Packages

Audacity Cosmetics LLC is not responsible for lost/damaged/stolen packages. 

Digital Products

Digital products are emailed instantly! No Refunds!

Mistake with Order

Received the wrong item? Apologies! Audacity will issue a refund for the item that was not received, OR send the correct item if the item is still in stock.

Returned Shipments (Invalid Addresses)

If the Address Mistake was made before a consumer receives their confirmation email they still have the opportunity to fix and correct their address by contacting Audacity Cosmetics. Due to the popularity of my brand, Audacity receives hundreds of emails on daily basis, please make sure you emphasize your issue at the subject line when reaching out so that it is easy for me to attend to your needs and make sure the issue is resolved!

Package Sent Back? This happened due to an insufficient address, there is a mandatory field at the check out page to type in with a 'YES' if you had double checked your address. Therefore, Audacity Cosmetics is not responsible for returned shipments. To have your order re-sent, email Audacity - your FULL address, & Order Number! Please don't forget your house/apt/unit number. There is an additional shipping fee, Audacity will email you a payment request! Manual Order Corrections take around 5-7 business days to resolve.

Audacity Cosmetics LLC is not responsible for insufficient addresses submitted by the consumer.

Business Rights

Audacity Cosmetics LLC has the right to refuse service and ban people from shopping with Audacity.

Audacity Cosmetics LLC is not responsible for any allergies/injuries. Ingredients are listed within every product description!

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